Announcing TMR’s 2nd Annual Short Short Story Contest

Announcing the second-annual short short story contest--a writing competition for flash fiction at The Magill Review. SUBMIT HERE!Winning Prizes:The First Place Winner will receive:$50 prizeThe winning story will be prominently posted on The … [Read More...]


Walking From Misery … Into Hell

Viktor Graves Reviews the Documentary about the Brutal Murder of Young Emmet Till in 1955   By Viktor Graves The physical injustice bestowed upon Emmet Till one night in 1955 is one that continues even today among black folk, … [Read More...]


College Football Preview —- Our Thoughts

Josh Magill and Rob Akers Square-Off With Their Predictions on Who Will Win It All This Year Weigh-In With Your Thoughts on Which Team Will Make it to the First-Ever College Football Playoffs Oregon Comes Out On Top After First … [Read More...]


Atom & Eve (Column #46)

By Mark Antony Rossi …somewhere in the basement of Science  is a reasonable man— bound and gagged. Mark of the Beast—Software programs are now capable of tracking us in real time and attempt to make predictions about future behavior … [Read More...]



‘The End’ is Only the Beginning

By Abby Jones Abby Jones Tells Us Why “The End” is Only the Beginning of a Long Road to Success I don’t know about you, but one of the most fulfilling moments in my life as a writer is writing these two words: The End. They signify a moment of accomplishment; they signify follow through, […]


Time for the TSA to Go…

By Rob Akers Rob Akers Reminisces about the Good Old Days when Anyone could Walk through an Airport without being Frisked I’ve been following a story for weeks about the TSA allowing undocumented illegal aliens to board commercial aircraft within the United States. There have been several unrelated web sites that have reported of non-citizens […]

fresh crime scene with yellow tape at night

I’ve Killed a Man

By Josh Magill Josh Magill Wonders If We Can Overcome Our Basic Wickedness For Something Better … Friendship. So, for the first time (that I can remember) I’ve written about murder. I guess, really, I’m still writing about it as my story continues to grow, and it is more than one murder—adults, teens, and the […]


Artwork: The Creator ©2012-2013 ~Nimbus2005

The Creator (a short story)

By Thaddeus Howze He’d been dead two years now. I can still remember him from that Christmas two years ago, sitting in his checkered cardigan with his furrowed brow focused on a car from his underground diorama. He’d hand-painted every part of his tiny town; each part of it resembled our city of Hamburg, its […]


Come Find Me (a short story)

By Danielle Baxter Luther Bane was not fond of many things. Rain was among those things. So why he chose to live in Seattle—the rainiest of all places—he’d never quite understand. It was the worst kind of rain, a swirling downpour that pelted so quickly that Luther could hardly open his umbrella when he got […]


HUGS (a poem)

By Danielle Baxter HUGS   Of all the kinds- This is my favorite. There are several: Embraces from one friend to another to say “hi”, “bye”. There are intermittent whispers during desperate embraces that enfold the last breath.   There are delicate caresses that send a tingle up the spine a sensual moment of two […]


Regenesis (a poem)

By Danielle Baxter REGENESIS   I want to go where wild things grow I want to fly with the velocity of my hungry soul Demolish the devastation that has left my world gray Strip the earth down to soil, and grow it my own way.   I want to flee the confining fabric of time […]



Atom & Eve (Column #45)

By Mark Antony Rossi   …somewhere in the basement of Science  is a reasonable man— bound and gagged. Farmed Fish Might Feed The World—If It Doesn’t Poison Us To Death, First—Fish hatched in gigantic fish farms could produce 80 million more tons of fish by the year 2050, which would be much easier on the […]



By Danielle Baxter MINESWEEPING   The dust is enough to corrode the silky lining of lustful lungs. And the smell of molding memories left dead shriveled does not delight.   A cemetery of old things never sorted or sold.   A blind hand placed with faith into a crumpled box balanced delicately on a barstool […]



By Danielle Baxter CLEANING THE ATTIC   Erased pages fill diaries and years of life, which are the same.   Cobwebs stream across my house— a river of regret, of memory.   An old trombone lying dented, still   plays dust notes.   The melody serenades out of key.   With a pen I scratch […]


Atom & Eve (Column #44)

By Mark Antony Rossi …somewhere in the basement of Science  is a reasonable man— bound and gagged. Cotton Candy Camera Eye—Professor Montazami at Iowa State University has published a paper suggesting fully dissolvable electronic devices are not too far off in the future. Just think of the possibilities: tossing your old phone in the toilet […]


Atom & Eve (Column #43)

By Mark Antony Rossi …somewhere in the basement of Science  is a reasonable man— bound and gagged. Crayfish Gone Cra-Cra—Scientists from France have discovered crayfish have an anxiety disorder similar to humans and these sea creatures apparently react, well, like most humans to Valium, which calms down the tiny crustaceans. Normally, I would ridicule this […]


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