Thanksgiving: A time to reflect on your gifts

Thanksgiving is important because it reminds us that life is often how you look at it.   By Abby Jones The Holiday season is upon us, with Christmas taking center stage. Trees, presents, decorations, and food crowd our homes with … [Read More...]


“He Wanted to Fly” – (Part 2 of a short story)

Harry cried with me. He cried for my loss and for his own. By Josh Magill Each day after school for the next nine months, Harry and I would talk, either in front of his grandparent’s house or in the park across the street from mine … [Read More...]

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“He Wanted to Fly” – (Part 1 of a short story)

Harry was sure he had confused me, but said it didn’t matter. One day he would learn to fly. By Josh Magill I came of age in a time with no heroes. That time is now, or more specifically, the last 30 years. There have been innovators … [Read More...]



Today I’m Feeling Old

Today I’m Feeling Old By Josh Magill Today I’m feeling old. Not the kind of old where my body is breaking down, but the old that has me looking backwards, looking over the years wondering if I’ve done anything worthwhile. The old that isn’t old but you think you are. Maybe that’s, as they say, […]


A Course Change: Sometimes You Need Some Guidance

Just because it is something trainable, doesn’t mean it isn’t amazing.   By Abby Jones I’m not the kind of person who buys into a lot of the hype about emotions. I’m not the kind of person who thinks I should blindly follow my heart when it comes to relationships, life choices, and what I […]


Writer’s Block: It’s Not What You Think

“Do some real soul searching on this point because it could be your brain trying to tell you something.”   By Abby Jones Announce to the world that you’re a writer. Go ahead. Own what you are. Just be prepared for a flood of advice. A tsunami of well-meaning, often bad advice and words of […]


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I Wonder (a short story)

I fidgeted in my seat when she smiled at me because nobody had noticed me for the last 42 years. By Josh Magill There are times when I wonder if I’ve gotten too old. I wonder if I’m too old to start something new or to try something again, too old to be loved by […]


Encouraging Death (a short story)

She Tail Spun into a Deep, Nasty Depression. And I Encouraged It. By Viktor Graves Reminders of her were everywhere, peeking at me from both the shadows and the obvious. This was the house she grew up in so the hand prints on the front steps were hers, the swing in the big grassy yard […]

Artwork: The Creator ©2012-2013 ~Nimbus2005

The Creator (a short story)

By Thaddeus Howze He’d been dead two years now. I can still remember him from that Christmas two years ago, sitting in his checkered cardigan with his furrowed brow focused on a car from his underground diorama. He’d hand-painted every part of his tiny town; each part of it resembled our city of Hamburg, its […]


Come Find Me (a short story)

By Danielle Baxter Luther Bane was not fond of many things. Rain was among those things. So why he chose to live in Seattle—the rainiest of all places—he’d never quite understand. It was the worst kind of rain, a swirling downpour that pelted so quickly that Luther could hardly open his umbrella when he got […]


Josh Doctson, Ramon Richards

College Football Week Ten: TCU Destroys Texas Tech

By Rob Akers Hope you all enjoyed a week of relative calm in College Football. There were big games, but all except The LSU-Ole Miss turned out okay for the teams on our list. This week, there are some huge football games, especially down south where the SEC will continue to chew its self-up until […]


College Football Week Nine: Notre Dame Makes the Title Game?

By Rob Akers How can it be week nine already? Didn’t we just start this journey a few days ago? I guess not since the calendar says it is week nine. A fantastic game last week between FSU and Notre Dame. I hope we have a couple of games that match the intensity and drama […]


College Football Week Eight: PAC 12 Whoas Help Notre Dame

By Rob Akers Another great week of college football in store for today. Hope you got time for your first true elimination game tonight. Florida State verses Notre Dame. Florida State does not have the remaining schedule to come back after this loss. I think the media and college football in general has tired of […]


College Football Week Seven: TCU Drops the Sooners

By Rob Akers Last weekend was a great weekend for college football. Finally we had a full slate of good teams playing good teams. It was a fun couple of hours as the endings of four great games came down to the wire. We can hope that this week gives us as much enjoyment. This […]


College Football Week Six: A Peek at the SEC

By Rob Akers College football is entering its first year of the FBS championship playoff. For the next four months, I and the editor of the Magill Review will make our predictions about how this will all play out. The editors of the Magill Review will cover the famed Southeastern Conference while I will cover […]


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