We’re #1, Baby!

By Rob Akers Just this past week, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) released their yearly survey of the healthiest and most obese cities in the nation. Huntington, West Virginia won the award as the MOST OBESE … [Read More...]


Excelling in Academics

By Melinda Curle In order to excel in academics, it is necessary to have good health. This month I have been substitute teaching for a special education teacher on maternity leave. While most of the students are quite bright and seemingly … [Read More...]


Atom & Eve (Column #34)

By Mark Antony Rossi …somewhere in the basement of Science  is a reasonable man— bound and gagged. Free Animals, Cage Activists--Denmark has recently enacted a ban on religious slaughter of animals for the production of halal and … [Read More...]



Talk to Strangers

By Ambrozya People like to tell me their stories. Seems like I’m a good listener. And they tell in the most awkward moments. Opening the door for someone, they say thank you and then they go on with a reminiscence of their childhood. I wait for the bus and people start talking to me. Today, I […]


What’s in a Name?

By Rob Akers A business is in the business of doing business,” said Richard Pryor in the 1982 movie Brewster’s Millions The National Football League collects a reported one billion dollars a year in revenue. Of course, no one actually knows how much money the NFL makes because it’s a privately held corporation and is […]

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The Power of Seasons

By Abby Jones I’ve been accused of being a hippy. But, I don’t believe in free love or flower power. I’m more of an amateur naturalist. But, I’m not a tree-hugger or an environmentalist. I believe in stewardship, not climate change. As a child, and long before I developed a love for writing, I spent […]



Late Night at the Shrew (a short story)

By Samantha Morstan Karen worked behind the bar at a place called the Shrew Bar. A veritable haven for ladies from all walks of life: Games, films, books, plays and paintings. Any girl that had ever been drawn or written old enough to drink came to the Shrew. Karen herself came from a comic book, […]


The Woman Who Fell in Love with a Postmodern Building and Set Her Lovers’ Boat on Fire (a short story)

By Thaddeus Howze   She wanted to spend her time interrogating old buildings in Europe because, frankly, they had the best stories. Chiara Lys nearly suffered a heart attack, and the strongest orgasm of her life, on her first trip to Prague. Her prince charming was all curves and sharp angles in the sun, deliberate — steel […]


Ten Days (a short story)

By Thaddeus Howze “Did it bite you?” His accusation burned me. I was shaken by the force of it. I couldn’t find my voice. “Goddammit, Karen. LA is less than fifty miles from us.” He stomped off whipping his hands thorough his tangled hair. He only did that when he was really nervous. “We have […]

The Legend of Tim Higgelmottham (Conclusion of “Write a Short Story with Me—100 Words at a Time”)

The below are all 15 sections of The Magill Review’s first-ever “Write a Short Story with Me–100 Words at a Time” project. The 15th section, posted today, is written by Karlene Petitt (author of the aviation thriller, “Flight for Control”). The first fourteen 100-word sections of the story were written by 14 wonderfully different and gifted authors […]



Atom & Eve (Column #33)

By Mark Antony Rossi …somewhere in the basement of Science  is a reasonable man— bound and gagged. Designer Babies, Disposable Ethics—A new technology aimed at eliminating genetic disease in newborns would combine the DNA of three people, instead of just two, to create a child, and opening a new Pandora’s Box for the marketing of […]


Relieve Depression with Meditation

By Melinda Curle Did you know that meditation can have a powerful impact on your memory? When I wrote my book, Healthy Body, Healthy Brain, I interviewed experts on improving memory. One of them was a meditation expert that said meditation helps your body in a variety of ways. One of the best things that […]


Atom & Eve (Column #32)

By Mark Antony Rossi …somewhere in the basement of Science  is a reasonable man— bound and gagged. This Is Your Brain On Killer Cereal–In a real-life story that sounds like a strange cable TV program, neuro scientist James Fallon, while studying brain scans to search for patterns that correlated with psychopathic behavior, discovered his own […]


SPECIAL EDITION: The Mystery of Malaysia Flight 370

By Rob Akers For the last twelve days, collectively we have all been glued to the television for constant updates on Malaysian Flight 370 (MH370). Dramatic opening music, snappy graphics and outrageous commentary that is garnering the same attention usually reserved for the death of a mega-celebrity like Michael Jackson or Anna Nicole Smith or […]


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